The complete guide to deposit your capital to WynnFX via PayPal

Good news for all the traders that WynnFX got another convenient way to make a deposit into your account via PayPal now.

For those tech savvies who wants the quick information and do not want to go through the whole page, please kindly use these information:
[1] Transfer your deposit amount to as USD
[2] Screen capture the last page (completion page)
[3] Submit the screen captured image and the capital in our system: Fund Management > Wire Transfer in the Remittance Copy field
[4] Cake!

PayPal is one the most trusted online payment/wallet services that has been around the internet for more than 20 years now (22: to be precise). Many brokers trust PayPal as their one of the primary way to receive the deposit from traders. Despite not-that-cheap transfer rate, the convenience and trust key here.

So let’s find out how to deposit your initial budget into WynnFX, to get your money grow in the market 🙂

Step 1: Download / Register

For traders who have not known about PayPal yet, or still do not have the account. You can download the PayPal right away on both iOS App store and Android Play Store

When the application is ready, open it and register your account. Registering for a new PayPal account is a no-brainer! Just a breeze and it is done! The PayPal interface is super intuitive and a ready follow-along!

One thing that may not as intuitive as expected is that: if the app/web site asking if you wants to open to Personal Account or Business Account: Choose Personal Account!

But we understand, if you are really not a tech-savvy and really needs a tutorial on this, here we go:

Step 2: Add Money to your PayPal account (optional)

Now you have got a new online wallet that is totally separated from your offline wallet! Now, you “may” want to move some money from your real-world wallet to the online wallet.

Just tap Add Money button and follow along the steps. You will be asked if you want to add money from your bank account, or can be debit/credit card. What a convenience!

Step 3: Transfer your deposit amount to WynnFX

Press Send button at the bottom of the screen. PayPal will ask for the destination account for the transfer.

Put in there and press next. Simple as that!

If you have already transferred your money once, our name will pop up as we are in your contact already. You can save time by pressing the name instead of re-typing the destination email every time.

Once you are the page that PayPal asks for the amount

  • If the amount is USD, you can put the exact deposit amount, right away!
  • If the amount is THB (like in this image) tap the THB label on screen

You will be brought to the page that contains list of all the available currencies in PayPal.

Search for USD and tap to select US Dollar

Tap in the right side (USD) underneath the “They receive” label and input the exact deposit amount you want.

The PayPal will do the currency conversion + the fees for you.

You will be prompted to choose which source of the real-world amount you want PayPal to pay from.

If there is no available way(s) to pay yet, PayPal will ask you to add your first source of your real-world wallet. You can follow along easily!

After everything is done, double check everything once again and proceed.

Proceed to the final step confirm the transfer.

At this step, screen capture this screen. You will need to upload this screenshot to our system as a “Remittance Copy” in order to confirm your transfer.

Congratulations! it’s done on the PayPal side!

Now it’s just only one step ahead for this process, are you still with us? 🙂

Login to your WynnFX account as usual and go to Fund Management > Wire Transfer. Don’t forget to check if you are currently logged into the correct live account! just in case you have got multiple MT4 accounts in our system.

Fund Management > Wire Transfer
Attach your captured screen here, as a Remittance copy

The final step is here, after you have input the correct Deposit Amount (ignore the Actual Payment Amount that pops up, since we have to pay extra fee for PayPal in the process)

Attach the captured screen in the last step in the field Remittance Copy, press Submit button and it’s done!

Phew! your first-time might be a little bit struggle! But we believe this process won’t take more than 5 minutes in the next time you want to deposit you money and grow them in the portfolio!

We, WynnFX, wish you have a good luck, and enjoy your trades today!

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